Our multi-media rich presentations are designed for third year, transition year and senior cycle students (Year 11–14 in Northern Ireland). They consist of short films, colourful slideshows and a Q&A session. Class discussion is encouraged throughout. All our information is fact-checked and updated on a regular basis. The presentations have been equally popular with male and female students.



Presentations are ideally suited to a double class session,
from 70 to 90 minutes long. We are fully equipped to speak to groups
of over one hundred students. Smaller groups of students
will benefit from more opportunity for discussion.



Our dedicated speakers are available to second-level schools across Ireland from September to June. Our speakers may be booked for a single presentation or for up to three double-class sessions over the course of a day. Early booking is recommended to guarantee your preferred dates.


All our staff are Garda Vetted and receive Child Protection training.

"A constant discourse on human rights – particularly in respect of protecting the rights of the most vulnerable in society – is something that should be encouraged at every level of education. I wish this project well."

William Binchy, Former Commissioner
with the Irish Human Rights Commission

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